Set 5 Fins Honeycomb Fiber Pack Thruster + Quad /G5 + GL / Futures System

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G5 FiberGlass Flex Pack Thruster + Quad 

The G5 + GL are the master key fins which still offer more control in hollow waves. Pleasant and fast, they offer versatility allowing you to perform in tubes but also in small summer waves, no matter what board you use.

Description :
Set of 5 fins / Thruster or Quad System
Fin system compatible with Futures plugs
Available in blue / red / gray / green
Size M

Dimensions :

Front and central fins:
Base: 111 mm / 4.37’’
Depth: 115 mm / 4.55’’
Area: 9525 mm² / 14.76"²
Sweep : 33°

Rear Fins:
Base: 87 mm / 3.45 "
Depth: 93mm / 3.65 "
Area : 6046 mm² / 9.37 "
Sweep: 30.9° 

Foil: HFT
The HFT Hydrodynamic Foil Technology offers an excellent speed / ride combination thanks to its hydrodynamic profile, rounded leading edge and inner concave. The drag is therefore reduced and the lift increased.

Material :
Fiberglass and honeycomb provide an excellent mix of flex, shape memory and lightness to make it a versatile and responsive fin.

Surfer category:
Beginner to experienced.
Weight 60kg to 80kg

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