Set 5 Fins Honeycomb Fiber Pack Thruster + Quad / K2.1 / Futures System

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K2.1 FiberGlass Flex Pack Thruster + Quad

The K2.1 fins are inspired by the flagship fins of best surfer all time. The side fins have a different shape, foil and flex from the central fin.

The side fins are wider with less sweep and more flex for sharper and faster turns. The smaller, stiffer center fin increases control.

For quad mounting, the rear fins are also smaller and more rigid.

These are the perfect fins for a radical surfing in the pocket of the wave.

Description :
Set of 5 fins, Thruster Quad packd
Fin system compatible with FCS and FCS 2 plugs with adapter
Size M

Dimensions :
Lateral fins
Base: 110 mm / 4.33’ 
Depth : 115mm / 4.53’’
Area: 9824mm² / 15.23"²
Sweep: 32°

Central fin
Base: 109 mm / 4.28’ 
Depth : 112mm / 4.41’’
Area: 9172mm² / 14.22"²
Sweep : 32°

Rear fins :
Base: 104mm / 4.10"
Depth : 108mm / 4.26"
Area: 8158mm² / 12.64"
Sweep : 32.4°

Material :
Fiberglass and honeycomb provide an excellent mix of flex, shape memory and lightness to make it a versatile and responsive fin. 

Surfer Category :
Medium to experienced.
Weight 60kg to 90kg