Who are we?

You don't give much or no importance to a brand or branding but still want to buy quality items for a more reasonable price? surfboard-factory.com is the solution !

The SurfBoard Factory team carefully selects factories around the world to ensure product quality, production line and delivery. SurfBoard Factory not only selects the best factories, but also performs regular quality controls on site.

Originally, SurfBoard Factory is two friends passionate about surfing and board sports who gather their skills to meet a demand for good quality, high performance products without the customer paying for the brand image.

Julien has spent more than 10 years developing Surf products for major brands and looking for the best factories around the world to produce them. It is within this framework that he became aware that a quality product is not necessarily a branded product, and conversely, a branded product is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Let us be clear, we do not despise the big brands and we are aware that for some brands the work in Research and Development is real as well as their concern for quality. Some users are very attached to the brand image and we understand this completely. On the other hand, Julien and Paul had many requests for products without branding but with a quality up to the level of certain reference brands.

Julien-sourced factories witch produce high-quality products for some of the most renowned brands in the market. This knowledge and experience allows them to produce for SurfBoard Factory unbranded items that meet your requirements.

Paul has been working for over 15 years in e-commerce and customer satisfaction. Since them, the customer experience has been at the center of his concerns. He therefore anticipates possible problems related to the sale on Surfboard-factory-com in order to guarantee you the best possible service.

Julien testing the "drive" of the fins proposed on surfboard-fractory.com

Based in France, Surfboard Factory focuses on product quality, customer service and post-purchase follow-up. Our proximity to the customer allows us to follow you not only in your purchase but also until the complete delivery. Them, we will ensure the best after-sales service.

Since each product comes directly from the factory and has no branding or image branding, the resulting quality/price ratio is excellent.

The SurfBoard Factory team is concerned about environmental issues. We therefore work with factories that are aware of this issue and sensitize them to improve in this direction. However, we know that we are not perfect and producing far from the place of consumption of our products was a major question before launching the project. We are trying to find factories closer to France while respecting our requirement in terms of product quality. It's not easy but we spend a lot of time on it, so if you are a French or European manufacturer and think you meet our quality standards, please do not hesitate to contact us at team@surfboard-factory.com.

SurfBoard Factory now offers Surf fins, leashes, pads, stretch covers and inflatable SUP. We prefer to have a smaller catalog but ensure the quality of production and products available on surfboard-factory.com. We are constantly working to offer you new accessories while maintaining this line of conduct. And if you have any suggestions, special needs or comments do not hesitate to contact us: team@surfboard-factory.com