Set 2 Twin Honeycomb Fiber Fins

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Keel Fiberglass Flex :

The Keel model are the perfect fins which adapt for retro fish and as well «performance» twin-fins board. Its shape allows a good speeding up and provides control and stability as well in hollow parts of the wave as in the softer parts.

Description :
Set of 2 fins
Fin system compatible with FCS plugs

Dimensions :
Base: 174 mm / 6.75’ 
Depth Height: 127mm / 5/5’’

Foil : HFT
The HFT Hydrodynamic Foil Technology offers an excellent speed / ride combination thanks to its hydrodynamic profile, rounded leading edge and inner concave. The drag is therefore reduced and the lift increased.

The fiberglass and honeycomb provide an excellent mix of flex, shape memory and lightness to make it a versatile and responsive fin.

Surfer category :
Beginner to experienced.
Weight 55kg to 90kg